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July 19, 2008
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char01 by Visark char01 by Visark

char01by Visark

Scraps©2008-2014 Visark
For a friend, this is one of the main chars in the story which made by us.

Muuuu...there's no special reason about the number in the title, it's just that she's the first char I drew in the series (and also because she's the char I set~).
And, I think some people has already noticed...yeah, it's zururu, I already drew her long time ago.

Really change a lot, huh?

And at the right side is older ver, and the left side is the newest.

Really change a lot ,huh? (again)

Anyway...I found that I spend more time on female chars to make them much more complicated then male chars...yeah I know it's not a good habit. - 3-
If you have any suggestion or something want to say, just tell me, nomatter you like it or not, I still wish to hear your opinion. : )
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Wow! She's cute in both versions. =3 Are you going to do color versions of these characters as well?
Lazy to color now~XD
Yeah, I know how that is. xD
I love it all the only thing thats missing is color and the only color that is in my head is green 'cause it's pretty.^.^
XD, I'm lazy to color it cause it's just for setting, maybe when I have time I'll color it.
This comment will be a comment on all the pics you've submitted lately:

Wah, I don't think I've ever seen you draw a guy before!
So it's really refreshing.
Don't worry too much about how you spend more time on your female characters,
at least you recognize it as a problem, the next step is trying to fix it.
But don't make it a chore, that would take the fun out of it, and a good character doesn't have to look very complex. ;)

I can tell from just these linearts that you've improved, ah, makes me want to see how your coloring has become.
But hey, no rush ok? Anyhow, I really like all the designs, the cloak on Char02, I wonder about his closed eye.
char3 looks pretty simple from a glance, but he's wearing quite a bit of accessories that balance it out. ((I also wonder if there's a reason to those, hummmm...:d))
Char04 has a really pretty dress, and her killerbunny doll is really nice. xDD
And last but not least, Zururu! Heh, no wonder she looks so framiliar.
There's so much to comment about, for starters, so much detail! But it doesn't seem clustered at all, and the new design is really great~
Maybe the version on the right can be a younger Zururu? :XD:
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